An enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of food packaging machines
Main production of sealing machine, sealing and cutting machine, packaging machine, bag feeding machine, vacuum packaging machine
7 * 24 hours at your service
Notice: The company's main sealing machines, sealing and cutting machines, vacuum packaging machines, vertical packaging machines, pillow packaging machines and other food packaging machinery
Four advantages to protect your product price
Professional design team, professional custom production The company has a professional design and development, production team, while ensuring production efficiency, while ensuring the quality of production machinery
Professional manufacturing
Professionally committed to the development and production of food packaging machines, product performance is in the forefront of the industry in the country
Factory direct sales, saving more procurement costs
There are manufacturers of machinery products directly customized production and delivery, no intermediaries to earn the difference, and greater savings in procurement costs
Have a professional customer and after-sales processing team
The company has a professional customer service team to solve various pre-sale and after-sale problems for you 24/7, and has professional after-sales service personnel to visit you.
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Wuhan Lugong Machinery Co., Ltd.

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